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Broadview, Montana

After a little spring cleaning, Max & I headed out for a drive this afternoon.  We ended up in Broadview, Montana!   I used a few different processing techniques today, including a 7 photo HDR image and came up with  4 unique looks.  My favorite is of course Max hanging out on the tracks.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Much of the park was closed last weekend, but one area that is open all year long and accesible by car is Mammoth Hot Springs.  I really like the look of these shots in B&W,  they looked good in color,  but there’s just something about B&W!

Nice Rack… What a Fox!

I know… I should be ashamed of myself, but I couldn’t help it!  I figured with a title like that I’d get a few more hits on the old blog today.  Here are a few of the wildlife photos I took this weekend in Yellowstone.  When it comes to wildlife, my dog  Max is about as wild as I usually get.  I’m happy with my first attempts here, and I did learn a few things, like I need a longer lens! (I’ll be accepting donations from all of my followers).  This shot was taken just as I was losing light on my first day in the park.  I used my 70-200mm lens with an extender making it a wannabe 400mm.

These guys are amazing, the way they move the snow with their massive heads to get to dinner!

When it comes to wildlife photography, the Cow Elk aren’t much of a challenge.

So, it’s not a Fox, I thought it was kind of big for a Fox!  I’m told this is a Coyote, I saw two and neither one was sticking around for a portrait session!  I plan on another trip this winter, (I’ll be renting a longer lens for that trip!)

First Snow

Here are a few more shots from yesterday, the 2nd day of our first snow.  I really like the way this turned out, old tires are  not the most attractive subject matter, but with the long lens and the falling snow, it makes a great photo.  This was shot this with my 70-200mm lens 1/1600 sec @ f /2.8, 175mm, ISO 400

Here’s Max enjoying the snow!  A black dog and white snow isn’t always easy.  The camera’s meter is not good at coming up with exposures for such contrasts, so I had to override it here.  This was also shot with my 70-200mm, 1/1600 sec, f / 2.8 @ 165mm, ISO 400

This is one of my favorites of the day, the blurred snow, the red train, it all worked for me.  This too was shot with my 70-200mm, big surprise I know!  It was just a little cold and wet to be changing lenses.  1/400 sec, f /4.0, 130mm, ISO 400.

On the Road to Minot

I found this on my way to Minot, ND last night.  It’s a HDR image, using 3 images blended together with Photomatix Pro and then converted to B&W.

East Rosebud Lake, Montana

Here’s another shot from this weekend, this was taken at East Rosebud Lake in Montana.  It was a great weekend weather wise and the changing colors made a great photo opportunity.  Shot with  a Canon 5D and L series 16-35mm lens at 16mm, 1/100 sec f/4.0 ISO 100

You Gotta Love Montana!

Sometimes I still can’t believe I live here!  Spent the day today down in Red Lodge, driving the Beartooth Pass and here in Custer National Forest.  It was a perfect day to enjoy the changing of the colors.  This was shot with my Canon 5D and a 16-35mm L series lens, ISO 100,  1/200 at f/4.0, 16mm.

Lone Tree

My mom is visiting from PA and we’ve been out doing tourist things ,today we decided to head out to the site of Custer’s Last Stand.  The Bighorn battlefield is a massive amount of land and while driving through we saw this lone tree.

Corn Makes Whiskey!


This was shot the other morning near the Rims in Billings, MT.  I used my 70-200mm lens at 200mm to compress the image and bring the Rims closer to the corn field.  This is a panoramic shot, using two photos to create this image.


I was playing with the depth-of-field on my new Prime 50mm f/1.2 lens.  This was shot as the storms clouds came rolling in.