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Fitness shots

I just started doing fitness shoots, here’s some of the results from a couple sessions.


Bilings Roller Derby Dames vs. Helz Belles

Here a a few shots from a roller derby bout I photographed a few weeks ago between the Billings Roller Derby Dames and Helz Belles from Helena.  To see more check out my facebook page

Busy weekend!

Yes… I’m still alive!  It’s been a long time since my last post, with the holidays and taking some time off I’ve gotten a little lazy.  I was pretty busy this weekend, doing several shoots and an impromptu shoot at a skate park.  Here are a few shots from the weekend.




Derby Dames in Toyland!

Two weeks ago was the final bout of the year for Billings Roller Derby Dames.  The money raised went to help support the “Road Dogs Toy Run”, the ladies will be shopping at Wal-Mart tomorrow in their skates.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from that night!  To see all of the photos please check out my facebook page.


Faces of Roller Derby!

I thought I’d share a few of the faces I photographed at the Derby bout Saturday night between the Billings Roller Derby Dames and the Electric City Roller GrrrlZ  from Great Falls!  Check out more photographs on my Facebook page at

More of the 93rd Great American Hill Climb!

Here are some more shots from the 93rd Great American Hill Climb in Billings, Montana.  If you’re a facebook follower you’ve probably seen most of these.  If you’d like to follow me on facebook go to

This years winner and the winner of the last 4, Petey Krunich!

The Faces of the Great American Hill Climb

It was getting a little warm up on the hill today, so I decided to take a break and head down to the staging area.  These were all shot as the riders were waiting for their turn at the hill.

The Great American Hill Climb!

Never having really shot motocross or anything like it, I heard about the Great American Hill Climb in Billings this weekend and thought Id like to give it a try.  I managed to get a press pass and “All Hill Access” thanks to the great folks at Billings Motorcycle Club who put on the event every year.  I soon found out, this is much different from motocross!  I had the best seats in the house which allowed me some great opportunities for photos, it also allowed me and my equipment to get the dirtiest it’s ever been doing a shoot!  Here are a few shots from Friday night, I’m heading out again today for more fun (and dirt)!  To see more photos check out my facebook page   For more information on the Great American Hill Climb check out

More Bridger Demolition Derby!

Here are some more shots from Saturday nights demolition derby in Bridger, MT.  Some of the best action actually happened in the pit area between the heats.   The sledge hammers were swinging and the torches were cutting, almost as much fun as the derby itself!  If you are on Facebook, please go to my page and like it!




More Derby Dames & Big Mountain Misfits!

These are more shots from Saturday’s bout and the Shrine in Billings.