Life Style Portraits and Automotive Photography



Here are some shots from this past weekend.


Busy weekend!

Yes… I’m still alive!  It’s been a long time since my last post, with the holidays and taking some time off I’ve gotten a little lazy.  I was pretty busy this weekend, doing several shoots and an impromptu shoot at a skate park.  Here are a few shots from the weekend.




Derby Dames in Toyland!

Two weeks ago was the final bout of the year for Billings Roller Derby Dames.  The money raised went to help support the “Road Dogs Toy Run”, the ladies will be shopping at Wal-Mart tomorrow in their skates.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from that night!  To see all of the photos please check out my facebook page.


I’ve been a bad blogger!

It’s been kind of crazy lately and I haven’t made a post in weeks!  Here are some of the things I’ve been working on.











I promise it won’t be weeks until my next post!

Studio Session with K.O. Katie

I had fun session with one of the Billings Roller Derby Dames Sunday, here are a couple of the shots!  Please check me out on Facebook too!




Sometimes you just get lucky!

I was shooting a family portrait and after we were done I was trying to get a few shots on the family dog Corky.  Corky was just laying there and I wanted ears up, anything but what I had.  So holding my 5D mark II with my 70-200mm in one hand (about 20 lbs, ok maybe not that heavy) I threw the ball towards him with the other hand and snapped this.  I just love his eyes, not one second after I shot this he lunged after the ball!  If you haven’t done so check out my facebook page

Not your average Senior Portrait session!

Last week I was asked to photograph two Seniors that really didn’t want to get portraits taken.  The two friends are both skate boarders so I meet them downtown and let them skate!  Here are some of the images I captured that day.  (We did managed to get a few shots in the nearby park for the parents after they got done having some fun)







5 Times the fun!

I love photographing dogs, it’s what got me back into photography about four years ago.  Today I photographed 5 Greyhounds, all were rescue dogs.  Whenever you have to photograph 5 of anything it can be a challenge, especially when it’s 5 dogs.  The owners wanted individual b&w portraits to match photos they had of other dogs they had rescued.  We started outside, but ended up inside quickly, the dogs wanted nothing to do with the record 91 degrees here in Billings!  So we settled in the living room, I used a couple of flashes to add to the ambient light and here’s a few of the shots!








I needed a volunteer for a shoot so I could improve on a technique that uses small flashes combined with daylight, Katie was there to help out!  I just finished an assignment on the road where my studio lights arrived a few days late for a two-day shoot, not wanting to ever be in that position again I decided to get more comfortable using the small Canon speedlites typical seen on top of the camera.  This was the first time where I  focused on trying this technique on every single shot, usually it’s been  just an after thought for me.  I can tell you after today’s shoot it will be top of mind every time I go out!  If you’re on facebook, please check out my page and “like it”






Rustic Relics of North Dakota

I was in Minot, ND a few weeks ago, visiting friends and had an opportunity to photograph some great old vehicles.  I had seen some rustic relics at this location before, but never like this.  The reason for this was the vehicles were recently moved by the owner because of the flood.  All the vehicles I photographed are available for sale, check out the website if you are interested!