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Rustic Relics of North Dakota

I was in Minot, ND a few weeks ago, visiting friends and had an opportunity to photograph some great old vehicles.  I had seen some rustic relics at this location before, but never like this.  The reason for this was the vehicles were recently moved by the owner because of the flood.  All the vehicles I photographed are available for sale, check out the website if you are interested!

More of the 93rd Great American Hill Climb!

Here are some more shots from the 93rd Great American Hill Climb in Billings, Montana.  If you’re a facebook follower you’ve probably seen most of these.  If you’d like to follow me on facebook go to

This years winner and the winner of the last 4, Petey Krunich!

The Faces of the Great American Hill Climb

It was getting a little warm up on the hill today, so I decided to take a break and head down to the staging area.  These were all shot as the riders were waiting for their turn at the hill.

Billings All Original Car Show

I attended the 4th Annual Original Car Show in Billings  held at  North Park on Saturday.  It was a nice show under the trees with a wide variety of cars.  I usually like  soft light and minimal reflections when photographing cars, that’s not happening at a car show!










More Bridger Demolition Derby!

Here are some more shots from Saturday nights demolition derby in Bridger, MT.  Some of the best action actually happened in the pit area between the heats.   The sledge hammers were swinging and the torches were cutting, almost as much fun as the derby itself!  If you are on Facebook, please go to my page and like it!




Demolition Derby Time!

Usually when I hear Derby Time, I’m thinking Roller Derby!  Well this Saturday in Bridger, Montana it was Demolition Derby.  I must confess, before last night I was a Demolition Derby virgin!  The Bridger Volunteer Fire Department host the event every year, they had quite the turn out and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  It was a pretty interesting evening, there was even a roll over which gave the crowd and everyone involved a scare, but no one was injured.   As far as shooting the event, it was like anything else you photograph for the first time, you’re  just not sure where you should be, or where you should be looking!  Here are few of the shots, I’ll do another post later and will also have more on my facebook page


Rustic Relics – On the Way to Yellowstone

On the way to Yellowstone in the town of Gallatin Gateway is a lot full of Rustic Relics for sale by “Montana Classic Cars”.  I first saw this place on my way to North Dakota from California a year and a half ago.  It was winter and I didn’t have a whole lot of time, but I did stop and get a few shots.  After I moved to Montana, I always wanted to visit it again, but I couldn’t remember where it was.  Well on my way to Yellowstone this weekend I found it again!  Here are a few of the shots I took this weekend.








A Saturday Drive

Max and I took a drive down to Sheridan, Wyoming yesterday to visit some friends.  We took the back roads all the way down and had fun finding things you just don’t see taking the highway.   Here are a few of the photos I took during the day’s trip.


Max's friend "Daisy"

Reed Point MT, “Sheep Drive Capital of the World”

I headed west today and stopped in Reed Point, population 96.  Reed Point claims to be the “Sheep Drive Capital of the World” and if you don’t believe it, stop by in September and they will prove it!  I stopped  because from the Interstate I could see two grain elevators and I really like photographing them.  There was quite a bit more to photograph in a one block radius, and I managed to capture a few different looks, including a Rusted Relic!

Rusted Relics are Back!

It’s been a while since I posted any Rusted Relic images, long over due if you ask me!  While on my way to church today… ok let me explain,   Max and I were on a mission today (no pun intended), we were off to photograph a great old church in the middle of nowhere, St Olaf’s.  It’s about a 70 mile drive and on the way we saw a few things we just could not pass up.  These are all HDR images processed with Photomatix Pro.