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Self Portrait

I was taking some self portraits for a Christmas card.  Max and I didn't see eye to eye at first, but we kissed and made up.

I was taking some self portraits for a Christmas card. Max and I didn’t see eye to eye at first, but we kissed and made up.


A Saturday Drive

Max and I took a drive down to Sheridan, Wyoming yesterday to visit some friends.  We took the back roads all the way down and had fun finding things you just don’t see taking the highway.   Here are a few of the photos I took during the day’s trip.


Max's friend "Daisy"

Broadview, Montana

After a little spring cleaning, Max & I headed out for a drive this afternoon.  We ended up in Broadview, Montana!   I used a few different processing techniques today, including a 7 photo HDR image and came up with  4 unique looks.  My favorite is of course Max hanging out on the tracks.

Where Does Snow Come From?

Max seems to be trying to figure out where all this white stuff is coming from?  Max was born and spent most of his life in a place where we had no snow, last winter was his first snow experience.  He may be new to snow but he sure loves it!

Fawn & Max

 I spent the day down at Red Lodge photographing my friend Fawn and my favorite model Max!  In this shot I’m trying out a new filter I just got, Fawn is always a good sport helping me test out new equipment.  The filter is a Gradient Neutral Density filter, which in this case reduced the amount of light at the top of the photograph, without the filter the sky would have had no detail and would have been totally washed out.  When processing the photograph in Photoshop I added a diffusion layer to give it the soft effect.


Laila and Max are truly focused here!  This was shot just as it started to get dark here in Billings, I wish I had a little more light.  It’s not technically a great photo, but the subjects are too great not to post.  I know everyone thinks their pet is the best, but Max truly is incredible, he’s so great around kids of all ages.

It’s Hard To Get Good Help!

Max & I headed out on the back roads of Montana to look for rusted relics today and my normally faithful assistant didn’t really seem to be into the shoot.  I was trying to shoot this old Ford in a barn and Max decided to lay down with his tennis ball right in the middle of my shot.

Puppy Pool!

There must have been a run on full size plastic pools! I searched everywhere in Billings and the only pool I could find was this little one.  We’ve had a few pretty hot days and going to Lake Elmo a few times a day was not an option, so we picked up this little guy.  Max barely fits and has to get one side wet at a time, but it’s water and he likes it!

Two loves!

Max… doing the two things he loves the most, swimming and playing ball!  This was shot with my 70-200mm lens in the soft late evening light.


This is backlit,  shot at a high speed to stop the water in motion.  See more at