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Self Portrait

I was taking some self portraits for a Christmas card.  Max and I didn't see eye to eye at first, but we kissed and made up.

I was taking some self portraits for a Christmas card. Max and I didn’t see eye to eye at first, but we kissed and made up.


Bo, the German Shepard

I was getting ready for a shoot at Big Sky Feeds in Billings when I was greeted by Bo, the German Shepard.  I managed a few quick shots before I had to start my session.




Sometimes you just get lucky!

I was shooting a family portrait and after we were done I was trying to get a few shots on the family dog Corky.  Corky was just laying there and I wanted ears up, anything but what I had.  So holding my 5D mark II with my 70-200mm in one hand (about 20 lbs, ok maybe not that heavy) I threw the ball towards him with the other hand and snapped this.  I just love his eyes, not one second after I shot this he lunged after the ball!  If you haven’t done so check out my facebook page

Happy Dog Sequence!

Max was the happiest dog on earth yesterday!   It was 95 degrees in Billings, so we drove the Beartooth Highway and found some snow.  This is a sequence of 10 shots of Max in his happy place!

A Saturday Drive

Max and I took a drive down to Sheridan, Wyoming yesterday to visit some friends.  We took the back roads all the way down and had fun finding things you just don’t see taking the highway.   Here are a few of the photos I took during the day’s trip.


Max's friend "Daisy"

Snow Beard

Billings is experiencing its first snow of the season!  I went out with my camera this morning and took a few shots.  This is one of my neighbor’s dog who seemed a little cold, but happy to be out!

Candid Max

I was sitting on my couch yesterday morning, getting all my gear ready to shoot when I saw this.  Max is waiting in anticipation, knowing if I’m packing the gear, we’d be heading out the door soon.  The morning sun was coming through the patio door, diffused by the blinds, it was too good to pass up!  I shot this with my 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, because Max was so close I also used an extension tube attached to allowed me to focus at such a close distance.


This photo really doesn’t need any explanation!  See more at

My Favorite Model!

Max on a Train

While scouting out a location for a photo shoot, I used my faithful companion/friend/assistant/model Max for some test shots.  Of course Max needs his props too!  This was on an old rustic train near the visitor center in Petaluma, CA

Tony – The Mastiff


"I feel the same way"