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I’ve been a bad blogger!

It’s been kind of crazy lately and I haven’t made a post in weeks!  Here are some of the things I’ve been working on.











I promise it won’t be weeks until my next post!

More of Jandi

Here are a few more shots from the session yesterday with Jandi.  A few different looks here, a high key b&w, a fun action shot and a classic pose.

Jandi – Studio

I did a little more studio work today, I’m starting get comfortable with all the new lighting equipment.   I also put two coats of primer on the walls, all in all a busy weekend!  Here’s a shot from this afternoon’s session.  Jandi was very patient as I fumbled through a few different lighting set ups.  I’ll post more photos later.

Fawn – Studio

I had an opportunity do a test shoot with Fawn today in the new studio.  We tried a few different setups and even got a hand from Max.  Overall I learned a lot and we got a few good shots.  I shot tethered to my laptop, which is a fantastic way to shoot!  There’s nothing like seeing the shot instantly on the computer screen, sure beats the small LCD on the back of the camera.

Kristen at the Farm House

1/125 sec at f / 5.6, ISO 200 - 155mm (EF70-200MM f/2.8 L IS USM)

1/125 sec at f / 2.8, ISO 800 - 125mm (EF70-200MM f/2.8 L IS USM)


1/400 sec at f / 4.0, ISO 200 - 185mm (EF70-200MM f/2.8 L IS USM)

 Did a shoot in an old farm-house outside of town with Kristen today.  When we started the shoot we had a little snow and it made for a few good shots.  We went inside and took a few more photos, but we could have used a little heat.  I’ll be glad when my studio space is ready in a few weeks!

Jandi… take two!

ISO 200  1/1600 sec  f/3.5   lens  70-200mm @115mm

ISO 200  1/2000 sec  f/3.5   lens  70-200mm @200mm

ISO 200  1/640  sec  f/3.5   lens  70-200mm @200mm

ISO 200  1/500 sec  f/3.5   lens  70-200mm @200mm

ISO 200  1/800 sec   f/3.5   lens  70-200mm @200mm

ISO 200  1/1000 sec  f/3.5   lens  70-200mm @200mm

We didn’t get enough of the cold yesterday, so we went out for a little more today.  Although it was just as cold,  (the metal frame on my large reflector was actually frozen at the joints!)  we managed to get a few good shots.  We went to the Riverfront Park in Billings, a great place to shoot any time of the year.   We actually got a few different looks, by just using reflectors and a shallow depth of field.   I really need to find a pair of gloves that will keep my hands from freezing, but still allow me to work the camera!

More Savanna

Here are a couple more shots from yesterday’s shoot.

New Macy

Did a quick shoot with Macy today, she was looking for some new shots to take with her on her upcoming trip to NYC.  We’ve got a bunch of good shots, this was just this first one I happened to come across, I’ll post some other soon.

So… I was Wrong!

During my shoot with Kendra she put on a blue denim dress, after a few shots I told her the dress really wasn’t working and did nothing for her figure.  So… I was wrong, but in my defense it looks much better in B&W than it did in color!  And let’s be honest, Kendra would look good in a paper sack!

Another Model Shoot!

In my last posts I said I had two photo shoots with beautiful women this weekend, actually there was a 3rd.  Granted  a much younger version, but every bit as cute!   Here Laila is striking a pose for her photo shoot, her pictures aren’t for her portfolio, just her 1 year portrait.  This was shot with natural lighting and a few reflectors, who needs a studio!