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Rustic Relics of North Dakota

I was in Minot, ND a few weeks ago, visiting friends and had an opportunity to photograph some great old vehicles.  I had seen some rustic relics at this location before, but never like this.  The reason for this was the vehicles were recently moved by the owner because of the flood.  All the vehicles I photographed are available for sale, check out the website if you are interested!

Rustic Relics – On the Way to Yellowstone

On the way to Yellowstone in the town of Gallatin Gateway is a lot full of Rustic Relics for sale by “Montana Classic Cars”.  I first saw this place on my way to North Dakota from California a year and a half ago.  It was winter and I didn’t have a whole lot of time, but I did stop and get a few shots.  After I moved to Montana, I always wanted to visit it again, but I couldn’t remember where it was.  Well on my way to Yellowstone this weekend I found it again!  Here are a few of the shots I took this weekend.








A Saturday Drive

Max and I took a drive down to Sheridan, Wyoming yesterday to visit some friends.  We took the back roads all the way down and had fun finding things you just don’t see taking the highway.   Here are a few of the photos I took during the day’s trip.


Max's friend "Daisy"

Rusted Relics are Back!

It’s been a while since I posted any Rusted Relic images, long over due if you ask me!  While on my way to church today… ok let me explain,   Max and I were on a mission today (no pun intended), we were off to photograph a great old church in the middle of nowhere, St Olaf’s.  It’s about a 70 mile drive and on the way we saw a few things we just could not pass up.  These are all HDR images processed with Photomatix Pro.


Rusted Relic – Halloween Style!

Here’s another shot from yesterday courtesy of Charles Ringer, this beautiful truck was in this back yard.  This is 5 images combined together in Photomatix Pro, wanting to make it a little spooky, I added a second layer and converted it to infrared Black & White and then let the color of the truck come through.  I was looking for something different for Halloween and I think this worked.

All Jacked Up!

I shot this Cadillac in Joliet  today on my way down to Red Lodge, it was in front of Charles Ringer’s gallery.   I had the opportunity to meet the artist, he was a very friendly and gracious man who invited me to photograph whatever I wanted of his collection of relics and treasures.  This is a HDR image, using 6 exposures blended together in Photomatix and then processed in Photoshop CS5.

Ford Tough!

This was another one truck I found during the “Mosquito Shoot”.  This old Ford has a newer coat of paint, but trust me when I say it’s a Rusted Relic at heart!  It’s a working farm truck with lots of character, lot’s of dents and plenty of rust.  For those of you who follow my blog on a regular basis, this is the same truck Max was laying in front of (Hard to get Good Help).  This image is a HDR image using 5 shots blended together in Photomatix Pro, then I finished  editing it in Photoshop CS5.

“Burn the Point”

I shot this in DownTown Billings tonight.  They had a parade in conjunction with the “Burn the Point” Classic Car Show tomorrow.  I’ve heard this has been a tradition in Billings for quite some time and  when it first began drivers would do burn outs in the street, hence the name “Burn the Point”.  I usually don’t shoot  things like this, it’s not my style  I’d rather control the environment and make the car center of attention without all the background clutter.  But, tonight I wanted to try my new 50mm F/1.2 lens in low light condition, so I took a few shots.  I like this one, the car has character and to make it stand out I added a B&W layer over the original photo.  At first I just let the color of the car come through, but after looking at it for a while, I decided to let the glow of the orange lights in the background come through too.  I like the effect, the car is still the center of attention and the background color gives it a neat look.

Working Chevy

Found this working farm truck on Saturday, it’s in pretty good shape considering.  It has a bungee cord holding the passenger’s door closed, but otherwise perfect! (ok… so it’s missing a headlight)  This is a HDR image using 5 photos one stop apart brought together in Photomatix Pro and finished up in CS5.  This was shot with my 16-35mm lens at 16mm f/5.6.  Have a couple more from the weekend to post still!

Old Internationals Never Die!

I found this beauty while driving down a country road about a 1/2 hour east of Billings MT.  It was hidden in a barn barely visible from the road, with permission from the farmer that I headed out into the barn to shoot it. This photo came at I price though, I lost some blood but survived the mosquito attack that ensued and came up with this shot.  This HDR photo is made of  5 exposures one stop apart, I used Photomatix Pro to bring them all together and finished processing the photo in CS5.